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Truth About Rex Tillerson

First this is a report on president-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state It contains what I think are positive and negative views on the Exxon Mobile executive.. Spoiler alert. There are some things I like about Tillerson. But not enough for him to be secretary of state.
U.S. President Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of state, former Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N) Chairman Rex Tillerson, narrowly won approval from a Senate committee on Monday, but it’s very likely he’ll be confirmed by the entire US senate.
The vote was 11-10 by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to approve Tillerson Each Republican supported the former oil executive. each Democrat opposed
His approval by the panel, a victory for Trump was in doubt until earlier on Monday, when Senator Marco Rubio, a committee member who was Tillerson’s most critical Republican opponent, said he would back the nominee.
Tillerson’s confirmation by the 100-member Senate, where Republicans hold 52 seats, is not expected before next week. Democrats want more time to debate and the chamber may not be in session all this week.
Rubio’s backing was in doubt after his tough questioning during Tillerson’s confirmation hearing, Rubio targeted issues including concerns om Tillerson’s support for human rights. Rubio decided he ‘d approve the nominee in deference to Trump, as well as to fill a critical top job.
Democrats said they were concern Tilleron may lift sanctions on Russia, where he did business for years. They questioned his views on human rights. They disapproved of his refusal to recuse himself from matters related to his firm during his entire term as the top U.S. diplomat
I like the fact that Rex Tillerson is involved with the boy scouts and he is totally for openly gay boys to become members. Two he is not for Trump’s proposed Muslim registry. He is for full vetting though including valid IDs. By valid I presume he means picture IDs.
Back in the 79s I worked for the Clean Air Council, Leage of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club. I am strng believer in the important of a clean environmet. I agree w ith top environmental scientists that climate change is real and dangerous.
I wrote my background in working for environmental causes because I think one of the downsides of Mobile Exxon Chief Executive Rex Tillerson being Trump’s secretary of state is his and his company’s involvement in giving sizable donations to groups that are skeptics of climate Change. They claim its fake or not important enough for anyone to be concerned. These organizations include “The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy”, the libertarian Koch brothers American Legal Exchange Council (ALEC) and the “Mountain S)
Both “Inside Climate News” and the “LA Times” reported Exxon Mobile that even though Exxon Mobile knew the reality of climate change they did their utmost to hide it.
Corinna Gilfillan,British anti-corruption nonprofit Global Witness. US branch director accused the oil giant under Rex Tillerson regularly made backroom deals with despot regimes. Plus was at the forefront of Big Oil’s efforts to weaken laws that would lesson corruption in the oil, gas and mining sectors. For these reasons, Ms Gilfillan was not for Tillerman being Secretary of state.
“I’m deeply interested in the record of Exxon Mobil when Mr. Tillerson was in leadership in funding organizations that tried to muddp or deny climate science,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), who sits on the Senate committee tasked with grilling Tillerson, said Tuesday on “CBS This Morning.”
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Since The Exxon Mobile executive rose as a candidate for secretary of state , some republicans expressed concern over his long ties with Russia and the Middle East via Exxon Mobile. But some lawmakers said they’ll support him after Trump nominated him. Still others concerned with alleged Russian hacking of the DNC want much closer scrutiny.
The executive’s experience in foreign relations is as scanty as flowers in a desert. So is his political background. I suspect his “qualifications: for the position is his major contributions to Trump I’m rather certain because of his lack of experience he’ll be subject to much questioning in the confirmation hearings. The queries would most likely be on his strong ties with Vladimir Putin, his close associates , Exxon Mobiles deal with Iran. his Bahamian tax haven.
. The firm in 2009 was in favor of taxing carbon and it began investing in algae-based biofuels. It was in support of the Paris climate accord in 2015, that more than 180 countries signed.
” Kathy Mulvey, climate accountability campaign manager at the nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists , and the environmental advocacy group NextGen both stated serious concerns over Rex Tillerson advocating anti-environmental statements. Tom Steyer of Nextgen said Tillerson pots corporations over people.
Sen. Tom Udll D. N.M. said the US public is deserving of being more assured that the top Exxon Mobile exec is going to represent their best interests.
Rex Tllerson’s experience in foreign relations is scant. Sen. Jeff Merkley D-Ore. said he expects to query how his forty years as an oil executive makes him qualified to lead the state dept
Deep ties between Exxon’s Rex Tillerson and Russia
The 64-year-old Tillerson, whose career solely is Exxon Mobile rose to the to by managing the firmsssia account. Steve Coll wrote about Tillerson’s close ties with Russia was a main reason he replaced Lee Raymond as CEO of Exxon (XOM) 2006
CEO, Exxon bet billions on Russia’s huge but hard to get oil resources through major ties with Russian oil giant Rosneft. Putin signed the agreement at the ceremony for the deal with Rosneft. 2011 The firm s majority owned by Moscow.
Russia indicated it would welcome Tillerson being named America’s top diplomat.
Alexey Pushkov head of the foreign affairs committee in the lower house of Russian parliament, said Trump is amazing .Tillerson would be a “sensation” Pushkov noticed he has “a lot of experience working with Russia.”
Tillerson’s close ties to Russia are sure be scrutinized by U.S. lawmakers once he’s be nominated.
Russia faces U.S. sanctions over Moscow’s making Crimea part of Russia. A bipartisan group of U.S. senators called for an investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election. The lawmakers said reports of Russian interference “should alarm every American.”
Rex Tillerson Exxon relationship with Vladimir Putin
To Trump, Tillerson is more than just a business executive “world-class player.” Trump said fact Tillerson “knows many of the players” He does “massive deals in Russia” for Exxon.”
Tillerson’s largest deal in Russia was announced2011 with Rosneft. The firms focused on drilling for oil in three important Russian regions: the Arctic, deepwaters of the Black Sea, and Siberia.
In 2012, Igor Sechin Roseneft’s chairman and close Putin ally , praised the partnership as a “giant leap forward” He even said it was “more ambitious than man’s first walk in outerspace.
Sechin,then the Russia deputy prime minister , boasted after the Exxon agreement was signed, the value of Rosneft soared by $7 billion only five days.
The partnership tpp gave Rosneft the chance to be part Exxon’s North American projects. These include ones in West Texas and in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Tillerson himself seemed hopeful the Exxon deal could lead to even closer ties between the two nations. “It can’t be anything but helpful to broadening the relationship between the American people and Russian people,” Tillerson said back then.
Putin awarded Tillerson the Order of Friendship. An award to foreigners for “special merits in strengthening peace, friendship, cooperation ,mutual understanding between peoples,” It’s also awarded for those who make “great contribution” to “large-scale economic projects” in Russia.
2014,Exxon was hit hard by the U.S. and European Union sanctions aimed at Russia for its involvement in Ukraine. Exxon said it might of lost up to $1 billion due to the sanctions, according to regulatory filings.
Both he US and European Union sanctions against Russia negatively affected Exxon Mobile and Rosenoft The sanctions forced Rosenoft to destroy all their capabilities. Even so, Rex Tllerson stated he’d be interested in going back to hel Rosneft. The Chief executive was grateful the Russians didn’t make matters worse. Instead the Russians made things better by helping Exxon Mobile with their rights about the sanctions..
Both the US Securities and Exchange Commission investigated Exxon on how the businesses relationship on climate change and valuing its assets.
Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador r to Russia, said Tillerson’s made it unequivocally clear there needed to be an investigation into Russian interference in U.S. elections. (The Washington Post report said Friday the CIA concluded Russia was involved in the pres.race.