A little bit about me.

I went to a jr. college for two years . Then I transferred to a four year college. It was a state college in Glassboro. Glassboro is a small town, very rural. Its claim to fame in the 70s it was the place chosen for a coference between the then Russian leader and the president Jimmy Carter.


The two year college I initially enrolled in was on the mainline suburb of Rosemont. In case your unfamiliar with the term Mainline it originated when there was a train route from Philadelphia to Paoli. The towns in between were for the most part, pretty upper class. There were prep schools and stately old established institutions and buildings. It was a place for the well to do. Vanguard the high school I graduated from was one of those prep schools.


At the time when I went to both institutions of higher learning there was no idea I was Tourettes. Either that or in retrospect that the tics , at the very least, become much more mild.. On the other hand what I knew of this neurological disorder was that there was a tendency to curse and speak other vulgarities. I didn’t know at the time that that was true of only between ten and fifteen percent of people with Tourettes or a vocal tic disorder.

I was so not realizing I could be diagnosed with this neuro disorder that I thought to myself well at least I don’t take after my mother’s cousin, Vincent.  (Not his real name)

I graduated with an Associates in Arts degreee. I went further with my higher education but never received any more degrees. I took some courses in advertising, aesthetics and a journalism course by a reporter from the Associated Press. at Temple U. Center City campus. I was living in center city at the time. They were interesting courses but I wound up spending about five years as a medical typist (dictaphone) for several doctors. But mainly I worked in rehab with various people with disabiiies. It was a rewarding life in retrospect. However it ended when the agency lost its funding. I felt most sorry for the clients.


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