Meeting the Love of my Life.

It was in high school.   I went to a private school in a Mainline suburb of Phila.PA.  It was a  school for the learning disabled.  Some of the kids referred to it as learning differently.   The  classes were officially ungraded.  However I wound up in the most brightest f the classes.  Our subjects were “Problems of Democracy”  That turned out in practice as a debate class.   I took analytical geometry.  Its the only math I’m good at.   Plus biology and chemistry and Language Arts.   It was opened all year with a month off between seasons.  

During the summer the kids swam at a good sized pool at a local university.  I think it was Haverford college if memory serves me right.  I do remember it  was during swimming I first met Jerry.   Decades later he told me the first thing of my face he noticed were my epicanthic folds.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, its those folds in the inner corner of one’s eyes. They are more prominent in me since my nose bridge is flat.  Next he took notice that my right eye is blue and my left eye is blue and hazel.   

What he initially observed were my toes.   I soon found out  there was some baggage and part of that was a toe fetish.  He called them my ten pretties.


I later, forttunately liked the rest of me too. Yet because of his preference I named a character for him in my blog In it he is a shoe salesman at the “Inter Leather” shoe store. He moonlights too as a fashion photographer of female models in open toed spikes and stilletos. His name in my blog is Seymour Toze. He loves his pedicure duties at the shoe store. He just adores his pedi cures.

Jerry and I went our separate ways when we graduated high school, Vanguard school in Haverford PA. We both had some long term relationships throughout the years. Then in the early 80s I entered a taxi. There I soon discovered the driver was Jerry. A few years later we wound up living together. We lived together for 20 years. It tragically ended when he lost his fight against acute myeloid leukemia. I believe it was caused by the chemicals he came in contact with at the Dry Cleaners he worded for. I refer especially to the Benzene. But that’s water over the damned. It was a good , until the last six months a very satisfying time for both of us.

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