My introduction of myself and my family.

I decided to write a blog about me.   Yes I know this probably can be considered self centered.  On the other hand there are a striking number of  personal blogs so I figure why not yours truly.    My claim to “fame” is I am a disabled artist  and a former rehab worker for over twenty years.   I exhibited in several juried shows in Norristown  PA,  Philadelphia PA and NYC.   Plus shows  in  Baltimore MD,  Boston MA,   and  a permanent painting in the C.A.R.P. Art Gallery in Wash. D.C.    I worked with people with disabilities , especially psychiatric in various rehab centers in Phila, PA, Upper Darby and Media PA.  The last two places are suburbs of Phila.PA.    I am an advocate for disability rights.

My disabilities are , (diagnosed by doctors) are  OCD,  ADHD,  Depression and Tourettes.   Tourettes is from my mother’s side.    My father was born with a genetic syndrome called Waardenburg.   Briefly speaking there are four types.  His and mine are type two.   Waardenburg is a leading cause of deafness.   My dad is hard of hearing but I suspect that is because of his age.  He was born hearing.   In fact he is a retired musician.   In the 70s, 80s and 90s he was a house musician for Atlantic, Warner Bros records. He played guitar. He plays keyboard these days at his home. He lives with my sister and her fiance Bob.    One of his favorite sayings  is “When you got it you got it.”  as he looks at the mirror of himself.

In high school  the guidance counselor noted that as was written on their report in these exact words “Lynda constantly displays constant twitchy bizarre movements.”   I know that’s vague but I wonder if those words sound  like a tic disorder.  The words tics, Tourettes was never used for any student.  The words just wern’t used.  Other reports mentioned  constant head jerking,  nose twitching,   facial grimacing.  I personally remember  consistently picking my lip until it bled,   tugging at my clothes, brushing hair from eyes,  shrugging  shoulders ,    My vocal tics are echolalia ( repeating what others say),  pailolalia (repeating what you yourself say)  I constantly clear my throat and cough.   I snort  too and I don’t  mean any drugs.  Really!!!

My Waardenburg Two manifests itself mostly in the colors of my eyes.  If you get  really close  you’ll  notice my left eye is blue and hazel and my right blue.   BTW speaking of  getting really close any available sexy, handsome men out there?    Other manifestions of WS with me are my brows grow together unless I trim them.   The truth is I was born with grey hair.   That fact is on my hospital birth record.  I am not deaf.   Eighty person of people with WS are born with some level of hearing loss , either unilateral and bilateral.
nbsp A woman friend and I wrote a humor blog at
Society for Dainty Damsels.
My late mother( 2003) was a  loving wife , mother and housewife.    However during my growing up years  , when she was in her twenties  she took diet  pills to lose weight.   My memory of this is fuzzy but I think they were prescription.    Decades later I discovered they were amphetimines.    In other words my mother was on speed.   She  yelled and scereamed at me and called me terrible names and said some really terrible things to me.    I suspect it was a combination of the drugs and being frustrated not knowing how to deal with a kid like yours truly.   At any rate when she finally got off the drugs she recognized how she treated me and apologized.   I accepted her apology and became a loving mother to me.   She more than made up for her past mistreatment.   I  forgave her.


My slightly older sister is Roslyn.  She is engaged to Robert   Don’t want to put in surnames for privacy.   She worked mostly in marketing and public relations.  One firm  was “Scholastic”   She is not Waardenburg and not Tourettes.   I still love her anyway.

Well that’s it for my introductory post.


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